Business loans of up to $5m, without real estate security

We provide business loans that are similar to bank overdrafts to established mid-market companies looking for additional liquidity to fund growth..

By cutting out the costs and complexity of dealing with banks, you can get an affordable interest-only business loan for your business in just one week. All without the need to provide real estate security and on a completely confidential basis. This is a unique business finance product for Australian mid-market companies and long overdue.

  • Credit lines of $200,000 – $5 million
  • Rates starting at just 1% per month
  • Usually a 6 month term: renew before the end of the term or repay if no longer needed
  • Secured confidentially on your company's assets, not your personal property, not real estate based
  • Online and fast: funds typically within 1 week
  • With real decision-makers on the end of the phone
  • And no early repayment fee: only pay for what you use

Our business loans are available for companies with turnover of $10-100 million with high quality customers, such as government agencies and listed corporates. Unlike banks, we are enthusiastic about services businesses with blue chip customers. Borrow a lump sum amount and on or before the end of the term, the facility can be repaid or renewed, in a similar way to an overdraft.


Moving at Your Pace

With a growing business, the last thing you have time to do is chase finance and deal with the admin that goes with it. We get that, so everything we do is aimed at getting you sorted, faster. That starts with a yes/no pre-approval over the phone in just minutes, with zero paperwork. It all adds up to no fuss and more time to focus on growing your business. 

Conveniently Simple

We’re not like other investors or finance options who want to lock you into capital on their terms. We do things differently by offering complete freedom to choose when to access finance. You can repay early with no penalty. And we make it simple. 

Re-inventing the Overdraft

Back in the days when you had a relationship with your relationship manager - your bank manager - and the person you dealt with could make right-sized overdraft decisions, business worked quite well, didn't it. We're doing our bit to get back to business. When you need a credit line to help with your growth and real estate security is not on the table, there is now an option for serious-minded business people.