Revolving Working Capital Facilities

Interest-only payments with rates starting at just 12% pa for companies with turnover of $10-100 million

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In a trend that emerged out of Western Europe, established companies with healthy accounts receivables can access attractive financing products to leverage off high-quality contracts confidentially.

If the company’s debtors are creditworthy organisations, such as government agencies or larger corporates, a Revolving Working Capital Facility can provide substantial growth funding on affordable terms.

This can also be used for Export Finance.

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Confidential Invoice Trading

Through our business InvoiceX, we offer our business customers the equivalent of an on demand line of credit. It is secured by one or more outstanding sales invoices, not real estate. Use it when needed. This typically suits companies with $5-10 million of revenue.

We connect investors with growing businesses with high-quality receivables to convert into capital to grow confidentially. Our Match Maker Trading Platform™ rapidly matches investors with businesses, optimising the deal for both parties.

Export Finance

Exporting can help make your business more profitable by introducing your products and services to new customers. It can also increase your ability to compete domestically, through experience gained in international markets.  Increased awareness of competitor products, exposure to new ways of marketing and selling your product, and even potential enhancements to your own product could improve your business.

We can provide export finance where the end customer is a large corporate or governmental body that is headquartered in a major developed country, mainly USA, Canada, UK or Continental Europe or, closer to home, New Zealand.

How Much Capital Do You Need to Grow Your Business?

Many business owners have not thought through the implications of growing their business, particularly their working capital requirements.

The calculator below demonstrates how much cash becomes tied up in Accounts Receivable - unpaid invoices - as your business grows.

This is cash that you will need to pay staff, suppliers and cover other operating costs. Our calculator allows you to see how much time and money is lost in delayed settlement of your invoices. 


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