Every business opportunity starts with a “what if we” dialogue. It evolves into reality despite obstacles. It’s a digital business. It’s facilities management. It’s marketing services, or building on top of the sharing economy. You’re solving a big problem, growing, and need capital to take on more business. It’s too risky for the banks, or put it another way, there is no real estate to mortgage. Raising equity is too complicated and costly and everyone else keeps saying “it’s too difficult.”

Now where do you go without selling your soul?

Established in 2013 by founders with 30+ years in business and finance, we are passionate about supporting exceptional entrepreneurs and management teams of growing mid-sized companies across Australia to realise their ambitions in partnership.

Our Story

Our founders have spent their whole careers building businesses, working with ambitious business people and figuring out how to solve problems to make things happen.

We've seen how large financial institutions work and we think there is a much better way. We started Allbridge Capital in late 2013 and launched our InvoiceX confidential invoice trading product in 2014. Building on its success and leveraging off our innovative legal structures, we  broadened into affordable business loans aimed squarely at established mid-sized businesses in Australia.


Co-Founder & Director

Dermot has over 30 years of multi-national experience in financial services and growth capital as an adviser, investor and business owner. Born and educated in Ireland where his father was a bank manager, he trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in London, working with clients such as Barclays Bank and UBS.

This led to a career in financial services, including working for banks such as HSBC and NatWest in senior positions and then as a business owner, across Europe and further afield, handling over $20bn of transactions for businesses of all sizes and across all main industries. Intensive involvement in many dynamic businesses created a passion for working on capital raising and shareholder solutions for small-medium sized businesses, often in innovative ways — being able to make a real difference was a strong driver.

In 2001, Dermot co-founded his own business which over a 10 year period became a market leader in raising investment funds focused on small-medium sized businesses, typically raising about $1 billion annually. The success of the business was based on owner involvement, the highest quality documentation, strong ethics and regulatory standards and focused customer-driven execution.

He was also closely involved at the formative stages of two other successful financial services businesses: Magex which went on to become the payments platform for Zopa and LendingClub and NewDay which grew to become one of the largest and most innovative issuers of credit cards in the UK.

During this time, he was always struck by the lack of funding sources available for growing businesses. This led to establishing Allbridge Capital with Steve Yannarakis in 2013, starting with InvoiceX.

Dermot moved to Australia in 2011 with his Australian wife and children and started becoming involved in helping local businesses.

Co-Founder & Director

Steve has been involved in business all his life. He grew up in a small business farming and retail family which he was a part of from a young age.  Since graduating from Melbourne University and RMIT, he has worked in Melbourne and Hobart over the past twenty years.

He is a registered property valuer, real estate agent and auctioneer and has spent the last fifteen years working for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Knight Frank. He has valued, sold and provided advice to many of the state’s leading commercial and residential property identities and institutions. He enjoys an enviable reputation for integrity and is the agent of choice for high end transactions.

Steve has also been heavily immersed in property development, and has been engaged in the development of hotel, retail, car park, residential and office development. This has given him first hand experience of the opportunities and challenges faced by small business.

Steve’s passion for small business has resulted in him teaming up with Dermot to provide a platform that allows exciting young businesses to grow.